About the project

Elevate is a next-generation consumer directed benefits platform. The company is co-founded by former ConnectYourCare founder Brian Strom and former Businessolver executive Brian Cosgray. Elevate has raised $12 million in Series A funding, co-led by Greycroft and Norwest Venture Partners, with participation from existing investor Bowery Capital.

My Role

This project was in collaboration with Vim & Co. I was responsible for designing the website and writing the first draft of the copy. I also developed some of the pages of the new website after it was launched.

CMS Development

"Our boutique marketing agency has had the opportunity to work with Omar as a web designer and developer on multiple projects and he has truly brought value to every single one. His work is fantastic, our clients are thrilled, and beyond that we have found him to be a genuine joy to work with. Hands down cannot recommend Omar enough."

Caitlin Riesbeck
Art Director


Our target audience is aware of the problems they have. They are already using one of the competitor legacy products. So, we needed to focus on how Elevate's features would solve their existing problems, and how it's better than whatever solution they were currently using. The overall message and design of the website had to present Elevate as a modern-yet-reliable solution for the benefits industry.


A combination of trust-evoking colors, cheeky copy, and modern illustrations to give the website a modern-yet-established look.

The process
A better solution to an existing problem

Elevat's target audience are well aware of the problems they have. They're already using a legacy benefits platform and know exactly what the shortcomings of those platforms are. Managers in this industry generally prefer sticking to what they know.

So, to convince our target audience to give Elevate a shot, we had to focus on how Elevate's cutting-edge technology and features would solve their existing problems. Instead of focusing on the problem, the pages were structured in a way that put emphasis on how Elevate was a better solution.

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A new company that isn't a "startup"

Despite being a new company, Elevate doesn't want to be recognized as a "startup". This company is founded by industry veterans who pretty much built the current go-to solutions of the benefits industry. With Elevate, they're introducing a better solutions for the problems that exist with the current legacy benefits platforms.

The overall look and feel of the website has to reflect the fact that Elevate is a new, cutting-edge solution, without being too "startupy".

Color Palette

The main color palette of the Elevate website are mainly blue, black, and white colors, all of which evoke feelings of trust and confidence.

Website Copy

Elevate is a confident brand. They know they're the best, and they're not afraid to call out the competition.

Icons and Illustrations

The icons and illustrations on the Elevate website combine technology with bold colors to give a modern-yet-established look that people would expect from a similar company.

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Finished Product
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