About the project

MyCORE is a subscription-based platform that simplifies payroll, benefits, and HR for business owners. This platform also makes it easier for employers to provide better benefits for their teams. Unlike other similar platforms, MyCORE has a more human touch to its services. When you subscribe to one of MyCORE's plans, you'll be working directly with one of their People Advisors. This "human touch" is a key differentiatior for the MyCORE brand.

My Role

This project was in collaboration with Vim & Co. I was responsible for the entire website scope, which included copywriting, design, and development on Webflow.

Web Copy
Web Design
Webflow Development
CMS Development


MyCORE had three main services (payroll, benefits, and HR). They also had a distinct process and People Advisors team that sets their business apart from the competition. Despite being a SaaS company, MyCORE had a human approach that sets their brand apart from the competition. When you subscribe to one of MyCORE's plans, you'll be working directly with one of their People Advisors. The website had to communicate the company's unique offering hands-on approach to getting things done.


The website has a distinct, vibrant color for each service. This makes it easier for users to associate different services with distinct colors and conveys MyCORE's focus on being a user-friendly solution. The icons combined with the unreserved copy give the website a human touch, which is an integral part of the MyCORE brand.

The process
An HR platform with a human touch

MyCORE didn't a unique service that didn't exist on the market. However, they did things differently. Their distinct, hands-on arppoach and People Advisors team is what sets their business apart from the competition. MyCORE were launching their website with three main services (payroll, benefits, and HR), and were planning on adding more services later.

To make the services as clear as possible, we decided to present them as "cards" on the homepage. From there, potential clients can explore the service they're interested in by clicking on the card. The services are also accessible from the top nav to make it easy to check those services from any page on the website.

MyCORE also had a unique onboarding process and, for that, it was necessary to have a dedicated process page that explains the what, why, and how of the services.

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A friendly company with a friendly team

MyCORE is all about people. The MyCORE team makes things like Payroll, benefits, and HR simple and fun. Their friendliness and hands-on approach are two traits that define their brand. So, their website had to convey those emotions to their potential clients.

Color Palette

Each of the MyCORE services has unique colors. In additions to conveying the friendly nature of the brand by using those cheerful colors, this color coding makes it easier for users to identify different services. The color system is also flexible, which makes it easier to add new services.

Icons and Illustrations

Our hands are unique, and they're a part of what makes us human. The use of hand icons in combination with cheerful illustrations highlights the human and positive aspects of the MyCORE brand. The website also has an extended color palette, which is used for other icons that I've used to highlight the unreserved, chill nature of the MyCORE brand.

Punchy copy

I wrote the copy for the websit to make it sound human, and unreserved.


Since MyCORE is all about people and that human touch, the service pages use stock photos that feature people. Human photos also tend to improve conversion rates.

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Finished Product
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