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About the project

Pixlee TurnTo is a Social User-Generated Content, Ratings & Reviews, and Influencer Marketing software for community-driven brands. Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York and Toronto, Pixlee is funded by Andreessen Horowitz, XSeed Capital, Rothenberg Ventures, David Jones (founder of the world's first brand tech company You & Mr. Jones), GS Shop, and Bryan Weiner (chairman of 360i). Pixlee had migrated most of their website from Wordpress to Webflow, and were looking to migrate their blog, which has a monthly traffic of more than 100,000 visitors.

My Role

In this project, my role was to develop the new blog homepage and post template for the Pixlee TurnTo website on Webflow, and to migrate their existing 836 blog posts from Wordpress to Webflow.

Webflow Migration
CMS Development

"Omar was terrific to work with. He quickly and skillfully helped re-platform our entire blog to Webflow within our timeline and budget. Omar went above and beyond to help us with our project – we couldn't be more thankful!"

Haley Fraser
Director of Marketing, Brand & Content


The blog was already live, ranked, and with monthly traffic that exceeded 100k visitors. The migration process had to be carefully executed from a technical SEO standpoint to ensure that the blog posts don't drop in ranking.


I worked with the Pixlee TurnTo team to build a new blog that offers an improved user experience to their site visitors. After properly migrating all the content to Webflow, I set up dynamic filtration and search for the blog. We also had other minor additions like reading time and relevant blog post suggestions that are based on category and publish dates.

The process
One blog, two websites.

Pixlee and TurnTo were two seperate companies that were recently merged. The content for the PixleeTurnTo blog was divided over two Wordpress sites. Before importing the content to the new website, I had to first export it from the two Wordpress sites. The content was then mapped to the new CMS that I built for the Pixlee TurnTo team.

SEO considerations

To avoid creating 404 errors when publishing the new website, I ensured that the new pages have the same slug so we don't need to redirect the pages. In some cases, and due to the new structure on the Webflow site, we had to create 301 redirects as needed.

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Implementing new features

The new PixleeTurnTo blog had new feautres to improve the overall user experience. I've implemented an active filtration system that allows visitors to filter blog posts category, and search for blog posts by name or category. This happens in real-time, without having the refresh the page.

I've also implemented a JS snippet that calculates and displays the read time for each blog post automatically without having the be adjusted for new blog posts.

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Finished Product
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