About the project

Socialsuite is an ESG and outcomes measurement and reporting software platform adopted by over 165 organizations worldwide. Publicly traded companies across the ASX, NASDAQ, NYSE, TSX, and OTC Markets, along with nonprofits such as Habitat for Humanity, Scope, Teach for America, and The Prince's Trust, use Socialsuite to track and disclose their impact.

Socialsuite has offices in Austin, Texas and Melbourne, Australia. The company is backed by Salesforce Ventures, Tidal and Pixiu Investments.

My Role

I worked with the Socialsuite team to establish a new visual style for their website, redesign most of the website pages, develop those newpages on Webflow, and create a bunch of CMS features that would make it easier for the marketing team to make edits to the website without having to interact with the front-end.


"It was fantastic to work with Omar - from start to finish he was a delight to work with! Omar went above and beyond to help us deliver our project on time - going above and beyond the original scope of work to help us create an incredible website. His training on the CMS was fantastic, and I recommend Omar to anyone looking for assistance with a Webflow site!"

Eleanor Carter
Senior Content Strategist


Socialsuite was in the process of changing their offering and needed the new website to reflect their new positioning in terms of design and the overall site architecture. The marketing team at Socialsuite were also having problems with their existing CMS setup, which made it hard to make any changes on the frontend of the website using the CMS.


After better understanding the new Socialsuite product offering, and the current problems with the existing website, I redesigned and rebuilt the existing website, and provided the Socialsuite team with a live training session to ensure a smooth transition for everyone who was using the website.

The process
The existing website

The website that Socialsuite had when we started working on the website wasn't relevant to their current offering, and had major problems regarding the overall structure and messaging, which lacked clarity. The overall design wasn't consistent in terms of the visual assets that were being used and the overall color palette. The Socialsuite team also wanted to stay clear from illustrations, which is something we had to take into consideration when designing the website.

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Same brand. New style

Socialsuite had an existing online presence on different social media platforms that was already using their branding. The redesigned website had to strike a balance between having a look and feel that was more inline with the Socialsuite brand and looking consistent with the existing brand assets. That's why we've decided to use a combination of neutral colors and gradients based on the existing brand colors.

Icon usage

I decided to use the Phosphor icon library for this project, which is a free and open-source library that's licensed under MIT. The duotone icons from this library are consistent with the visual style that we are trying to achieve. Having a full icon library would allow the Socialsuite team to have consistent icons across different mediums of communication, even beyond their website.

Expanding on the existing circles concept

The Socialsuite logo is made from overlapping circles. Since their team decided to move away from illustrations entirely, I thought we could expand on the use of those circle shapes to add more visual appeal to sections of the website where illustrations could have been used.

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Finished Product
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