Visit Hatta

About the project

Visit Hatta is a premier destination for tourists and adventure enthusiasts looking to explore the scenic beauty and cultural heritage of Hatta, UAE. The website provides visitors with comprehensive information about attractions, accommodations, activities, and events. Our goal was to create an engaging and user-friendly platform that effectively promotes Hatta's unique offerings.

My role

As the lead developer for this project, working with the Dubai Holding technical team, I was responsible for:

  • Building the entire website from scratch on Webflow
  • Tackling SEO-related issues in coordination with the SEO team
  • Extending the functionality of the website with custom code and third-party apps as needed
  • Ensuring the website was fully bilingual (Arabic and English) using Webflow's localization
  • Overcoming unique challenges associated with RTL (right-to-left) websites
  • Rebuilding and enhancing the original WordPress website on Webflow
Project scope
CMS Development
Webflow Migration
Technical Support
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Developing a bilingual website that supports both LTR (left-to-right) and RTL (right-to-left) text presented unique challenges, especially in terms of layout and user experience. Collaborating with the SEO team to ensure all technical aspects of SEO were addressed, including meta tags, alt text, and sitemap configurations, was crucial. Rebuilding the website on Webflow required careful planning and execution to ensure all functionalities were maintained or enhanced. Additionally, integrating custom code and third-party apps to enhance the website's functionality posed its own set of challenges.


To tackle these challenges, we leveraged Webflow’s powerful localization features to create a seamless bilingual experience for users. Custom CSS and JavaScript were implemented to handle the intricacies of RTL support and to add unique functionalities. By working closely with the SEO team, we ensured that the website was fully optimized for search engines. Extensive testing was conducted to ensure compatibility across different browsers and devices, particularly for RTL support. These solutions collectively ensured the website was user-friendly, functional, and optimized for performance and SEO.

The process
The process
  • Planning and Design: Collaborated with the client to understand their vision and requirements, and created a comprehensive plan and design prototype.
  • Development: Built the website on Webflow, incorporating custom code and third-party apps to enhance functionality.
  • Testing and Optimization: Conducted rigorous testing to ensure the website was fully functional and optimized for performance and SEO.
  • Launch and Support: Successfully launched the website and provided ongoing support to address any issues and implement further enhancements.
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    Finished Product
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